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So glad I found this storage place. The owners were on hand to answer all of my questions and accommodate all of my requests.

Vicky Wilson.

NO CONDENSATION in the insulated container I have rented, which is the best environment to store my furniture while I renovate my house.

Richard Bilson-Green.

Great location, easy access and secure. Would definitely recommend.

Philip Stanford.

I like doing car boots, so being able to pull my van right up to the door makes loading and unloading a breeze.

A Mccormack. 

I'm a painter and decorator, having more space and a secure site to store my gear away from home is more than ideal.

APete Parsons.

Having searched the internet for a suitable portable building to market off plan our latest prestigious development at Shipley Park gardens Marlpool, we had the choice of school classroom style portacabins or a shipping container which was too crude so when we found this beautiful bespoke made, warm, stylish, slick way in which to present our standards through North Storage we knew we had the right solution.

Costing us in excess of £15000 to create a marketing suite within a garage on site (when it is built) did not offer either a cost-effective or on site presence before we commenced construction. We now have a reusable asset quick to deploy to any site in a matter of hours rather than a garage that needs stripping back once marketing has finished.

Bondwell homes have genuinely found this to be a fantastic cost and time effective way in which to achieve property sales exactly when needed. Thank you for a quality product!!

Andy Rutherford. 

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